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American Laser Enterprises, LLC.,

Established in 2001 and based in Wixom, Michigan is a manufacturer of beam delivery components and turnkey solutions for the industrial laser marketplace.


In September of 2006, American Laser Enterprises completed its successful merger with American Laser Spares a leading supplier of OEM and OEM quality laser consumables. The combining of the two companies resulted in a larger and stronger organization that is better positioned to serve the needs of its customers, succeed in a dynamic marketplace with innovation and to achieve its business objectives.


American Laser Enterprises has over 35 years of laser industry experience and services clients throughout the United States and Canada with representation in China.


Our Mission

To provide visionary engineering and design services delivering advanced, intuitive and cost effective solutions focused on customer requirements and market demand.

Who We Are

Susan Sprentall

Susan Land Sprentall is the sole proprietor and managing member who actively promotes the firm while overseeing its day-to-day operations. Land-Sprentall joined American Laser Spares in 1999 launching the laser consumable market through distribution. In 2001, she launched a marketing company and acted as an advertising agency for laser industry companies.


During this time, Land-Sprentall was instrumental in forming what is now known as the Industrial Laser Community at the Society of Manufacturing Engineers. Land-Sprentall utilized her EET and business education combined with 20+ years of selling and management experiences to expand the foundation of ALE's engineering expertise. Focusing on the customer and current market conditions generates new opportunity to compete with ALE's established competitors.

Donald E. Sprentall

Donald E. Sprentall, a veteran of the laser equipment industry, who is primarily known for his technical expertise developing beam delivery systems, founded the firm in 1996. As the firm's senior consultant and engineer, Sprentall is actively involved in the firm's product development and has provided guidance to a number of organizations looking to enter and grow in the laser equipment industry, and advance the technology through product development as well as unique applications.

Through ALE, Sprentall's approach to consulting and problem solving is to apply his years of learning about and helping define the laser cutting and welding industry into value-added solutions that are actionable and affordable.

The firm operates with ERP software and utilizes Solidworks 3D cad design, analysis and product data management software maximizing operations while keeping the flexibility to meet ALE's individual customer needs.

Woman Owned

American Laser Enterprises is a woman owned small business.

Woman In Business

We are also an active CCR registrant and a current US government subcontractor to PRIMES on an SBIR award.

We proudly support and are an active member of the following associations:

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541710, 541330, 333510, 333512, 334510, 333515, 333992, 333298, 333993, 337215

Product Service Codes(PSC)

AZ14, AZ15, AD92, AD94, AH95, J015, J016,J049, J058, J059, J060, J065, J066, J099, K049, K059, N049, N059, R414, R421, R425, R706

Federal Supply Classification (FSC) Codes

1450, 3419, 3424, 3433, 3446, 3448, 3449, 3695, 4920, 4940, 4970, 5865, 5999, 6099, 6650

OSHA Standard Industrial Supply (SIC) Codes

8711, 3541, 3545, 3552, 3559, 3678, 3699, 5084, 7699, 8742

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