Laser Cladding Product Highlights
Collimator Adapters

Adapters to fit the various industry standard fiber collimators.

Protective Lens "Cover Glass"
A clear window "cover glass" that protects and prolongs the life of the focusing lens.

Modular Components
"Lego" style components allowing for mixing and matching application specific components.

Adjustable Focus Control
A manual adjustable ring and precision scale providing repeatable focus settings and immediate focal changes.

Laser Cladding Heads
American Laser Enterprises offers laser cladding heads for CO2, Nd:YAG and Fiber lasers. Our surface treatment processing heads are based on a modular concept, allowing for application customizing. Additionally, you will find our cladding heads in both straight and 90° configurations.




Cladding Head 100mm QBH - Fiber






Cladding Head 100mm IPG QBH/RQB - Fiber







Cladding Head - Lateral Feed