Industrial Laser Beam Delivery
American Laser Enterprises offers industrial beam delivery products and solutions for CO2, Nd:YAG and Fiber lasers, including items such as a beam splitter, beam detector, beam bender, and other beam accessories.


We focus on providing standard "off the shelf" components to highly specialized solutions for laser beam delivery, system upgrades, retrofits and applications for new and used systems. We also offer training and manufacturing advice to laser organizations and OEM's. Laser profiling by ALE will generate a recordable laser profile.


New Technologies

SPOT-IT Electronic Laser Alignment SystemA-Las - Automatic Laser Alignment System

A-Las™, is an alignment tool that incorporates a processing unit, graphical user interface and targeting control to create a module that is capable of steering a reflection from one optical surface to the center of a downstream optical surface.





    Customized Solutions

    Let American Laser Enterprises help you design and build a solution based on your laser processing application needs, greatly reducing your laser consumables, machine downtime and will standardize your spare parts inventory.

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